A Gathering of Shadows…

‘A Gathering of Shadows’ by V. E. Schwab is a fantasy lovers dream. Magic, power, battles, pirates, other worlds and a touch of romance all rolled into one book.

Lila Bard is finally aboard a ship and has been for the last four months since she came to Red London, and stayed. She’s since learned how to control magic from her Captain and the question of who she is has only gotten more important. With her Captain returning to London to take part in the most famous magic contest, Lila steals an identity but so has a certain member of the royal family. Shadows arise and a darkness has been unleashed.

Lila is now one of my favourite characters and I’m sure it’s the same for many readers of Schwab. Her ability to create deep characters is incredible, especially when they all hold such intricate emotions and thoughts. Lila really came into her own in this book and I’m so glad that we saw this. This book only strengthens my belief that she is in fact the same as Kell and I suppose the beginning of the next book will confirm this for me. Her strength has doubled now with the addition of magic and I’m excited to see where the journey takes her and what trouble she gets into.

Kell. What a babe. I think he’s moved up to my number one book boyfriend. He was a bad-ass before but his Basin training, plus the contest, has really boosted him into someone you would not want to mess with. Kell comes across emotionally wounded in this book and my heart went out to him several times. I especially loved the moment when he connected with Lila about his thirst for feeling alive, I love that she’s the only one that can understand his feelings after the Black Night.

Competitions in books are always something I look forward to reading about but when I started to realise that there would be one in this, I totally flipped out. I wanted Kell and Lila to fight each other and I’m glad I got what I wanted! I only wish that this battle scene was a bit longer but due to Kell’s circumstances I understand why it had to finish short. I loved the dance Lila and Kell played during the contest (very much cat and mouse like) and I’m so ecstatic that their feelings for each other are starting to become known, especially toward each other.

This book lured me in, hugged me with all the power it had and then spat me out, leaving me with a face of horror mixed with determination. I desperately want to read the last book but I don’t want this adventure to end just yet!

“She bent most of the rules. She broke the rest.”


You can get it here

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