The Hearts We Sold…

‘The Hearts We Sold’ by Emily Lloyd-Jones was magical, or was is scientific? Cal would know.

Dee has just been told that her scholarship is being pulled due to funding. Knowing her parents won’t help, she’s forced to make a deal with a demon whatever the cost. Now part of a team, she’s sent on missions to help the world but when one of their own dies, they all begin to wonder whether it was worth the cost.

Dee was extremely down to earth and she was quite level headed for a teenager I thought. The family abuse added to her character and allowed you to understand her reasoning for doing the deal with the demon. It also gave those last few chapters a well of feeling. I found Dee to be strong only when she needed to be and most of those times where when she was with James, so perhaps she was only strong with him as her anchor.

James was somewhat frugal. I’m glad Lloyd-Jones didn’t delve too deeply into his character because I’m not sure I would’ve survived this book otherwise. He had just enough depth to carry along the story but not too much that my heart broke. His personality is a gem though. I can imagine meeting a person like James in the real world (and I really hope I do) but I think he helped to develop Dee. He gave her the confidence to change her life.

The idea of doing deals with demons can seem a bit plain but I liked the spin of monsters trying to enter Earth through portals/voids. It added another dimension (excuse the pun) to the plot and gave the storyline drive. The book also touched on the issue of abuse and addiction, and I think it was written about well. There was only one incident of physical abuse and I’m glad that this was the point Dee said enough.

For someone who’s done plenty of school projects on angels, demons, monsters and the like, this was very interesting to me. There were several moments where I got caught up in the story and there was that twist in the end that I definitely did not see coming. It was great, and it has set me up perfectly for Halloween.

“I feel like that sometimes…I feel like I’m this collection of broken pieces I don’t know what to do with.” 


I received this in Owlcrate’s August ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ box.

You can get it here

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