Wonder Woman: Warbringer…

‘Wonder Woman: Warbringer’ by Leigh Bardugo is superhero goals.

Diana breaks a sacred rule and sets out on an unsanctioned mission to stop the World of Man from coming to blows. On this quest, Diana meets people who have their own inner turmoils, she learns how valuable human life is and she becomes a true Amazon.

The whole time I was reading this, I was comparing book Diana to film Diana and let me tell you something: there was literally no difference to them. I think that’s why I loved this book so much. It’s as if Bardugo has tapped into the very essence of Wonder Woman and that’s how she’s been able to write about her with so much genuineness. Either that or Bardugo has sold her soul to the devil for amazing writing powers.

The Diana of this book wanted to belong. Yeah she wanted greatness for herself but that’s only because her whole life (which I’d guess was VERY long) she’d been looked upon as less. Anyone else would feel the same and I like that such humanity can also touch Amazons. Diana is brave, strong, intelligent and sympathetic and can I stop telling you all about how much I love her? She is everything you need in a role model for your children. Fuck the Disney Princesses (not all though – Belle & Ariel are forever loves). Kids these days, especially girls, need more hardcore characters to look up to and Wonder Woman is just the superhero to do it.

I enjoyed the plot immensely. The idea that Helen of Troy was the first Warbringer and that every major war since then was the cause of one of her descendants is such a good one. The best thing about Ancient Greece is that all their myths and legends and tales of heroes are so wacky (enter: cyclops and minotaur) that this idea isn’t at all far fetched. It fits in perfectly with Diana’s history and upbringing. The friendships in this book are true – I couldn’t see a fault with them by the end and it really makes you feel good when you read that last chapter. Jason was a pure shocker and I’m sure that I’ll still be trying to get over that twist come Christmas.

Wonder Woman has always been an icon but recently I feel like she’s become an actual person. Perhaps it is just my stupid brain but after reading this book, I can totally see her being real. I wish she was real. I wish I was her. Bardugo has done a truly excellent job here and this woman doesn’t get praised enough for it. She is the Wonder Woman of the Written Word.

“Sisters in battle, I am shield and blade to you. As I breathe, your enemies will know no sanctuary. While I live, your cause is mine.” 


I received this Special Edition in Illumicrate’s August box.

You can get it here


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