The F- It List…

‘The F- It List’ by Julie Halpern was a cover buy for me. That’s a wicked sunset, right?

Alex’s dad died before the summer, now back at school Alex finds out her best friend, Becca, has cancer. Together they tick items off Becca’s bucket list which include, baking cookies for the janitor at school and flashing her homeschooled neighbour. As Alex helps out where she can, she gets close to Leo who she’s always fantasied about. However, fantasy and reality are far from similar.

Alex’s personality is basically me in a nutshell. Why ask someone how they are indeed. I don’t have a love of horror though but I could see the reasoning behind including it in the book. It was refreshing for a character to have a somewhat different hobby to other people. It made her connection with Leo stronger at least. I also couldn’t get enough of her banter. She’s got a bizarre way of thinking and it made her come across as independent and occasionally confident.

Let’s talk about Leo. I feel like I didn’t see enough of him. You could 100% tell that he had feelings for Alex and if you looked closely, you could tell it was reciprocated but there wasn’t enough of them together for me. And when they were together, they were almost always sucking face. Kinda disappointing. Becca and Caleb had more of a love story.

This book dealt with a lot of serious issues and it show cased a range of ways on how to deal with them, all perfectly normal. I found the tone of the book overall to be dark but that could be due to Alex’s pessimistic outlook on her life and what’s happening around her. The heaviness of the book was uplifted at times and this was mainly down to the list which I suspect was the whole point. No one wants to be depressed the whole time.

It was interesting. Despite the gloominess of the book, it had some memorable moments which I thought about long after reading them. However, when I first read the blurb and it mentioned a dying wish list where love was a factor, I had imagined the love part, well actually, having a bigger part than it did. For less than 300 pages, there was a lot of ground for the book to cover and because of this it slipped in a few places. It’s not a bad read but not a life changing one either.

“I didn’t have a boyfriend. I had someone to watch horror movies with while my best friend was too sick with cancer.”


You can get it here

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