Tower of Dawn…

‘Tower of Dawn’ by Sarah J. Maas was amazing. It blew me away with how relevant it was to the whole series.

Chaol and Nesryn have been sent to Antica so find a way for him to walk again as well as procure an army to help Aelin stop Erawan. They decided it would be an adventure and were not wrong when Nesryn flew south and battled Valg foot solders or when Chaol met his healer, Yrene, who put him through gruelling hours of recovery. After weeks of being in Antica and hearing few reports of Aelin and Dorian, they are both under pressure to fulfil both goals.

Chaol did not have an easy journey in this book. There was lots of pain, both physical and emotional, and he worked through it all. I can imagine the personal battles and struggles he went through to be very similar to people disabled in our world too. This made me feel a connection with Chaol; he’s the most realist character in the whole series. His character development in this book was slow but huge by the end of it and his forgiveness is a lesson we can all take away with us.

I’m so glad we got to see Yrene. When I first heard this book would be set in Antica where the Torre Cesme is, I was bouncing for joy at the prospect of meeting our healer again. I love how even after 2-3 years, Aelin still has such an impact on her and even though we didn’t get to touch base with Aelin, she was still very much involved in this book and its a testament to her character. Yrene is the best person for Chaol too, not only because without her he couldn’t walk but their hurts were similar and they overcame them together.

Nesryn’s journey was more ‘on the edge of your seat’ reading but I really enjoyed seeing her away from Chaol. Sartaq is the epitome of what I always imagined a Prince to be and even though it was touch and go at one point, I’m glad she’s found someone she can be her whole self with. She deserves Sartaq.

There were many big revelations in this book and I couldn’t imagine it done any other way. The entire cast needed time to figure everything out and I’m glad that not only will they bring an army with them to the north, but they will be bringing answers to unthinkable questions. I’m hoping that once they tell Aelin’s court about Maeve’s true nature and the healers’ power, Rowan will be able to fill us in on a few things and perhaps then put a concrete plan of action together to get our Fireheart back. I just hope there will be enough pages in the last book to bring it to a fitting close.

All the fans knew that this book ran parallel to Empire of Storms and so we probably weren’t going to learn anything new in terms of where the story will lead. However, I personally berate myself for thinking this wasn’t going to be an important book. Chaol has been an integral character from the beginning and so his welfare is something to be looked after and I’m happy knowing he is going back to Dorian stronger than ever, with a heap of knowledge and an entire army at his back. I pray that the next book is not rushed and that all the characters have their own time.

“You must enter where you fear to tread.” 


You can get it here

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