Red Queen…

‘Red Queen’ by Victoria Aveyard is a book that I kept putting off and now I’m slapping myself silly for not reading it sooner.

Mare is a Red and a thief and looking down the barrel of conscription with dread. After trying to keep her best friend from the same fate, she meets a stranger who turns her world upside down. Before she knows it, Mare is a princess who must learn to lie to everyone she meets to keep herself alive long enough to make a difference to the world.

I thought Mare had a lot of bite. I enjoyed it when a sharp comment of hers affected another character. Even though she blindly trusted someone of great power, at times I thought she had an immense understanding of someones thoughts and actions. Her ability chose a very convenient time to appear though – thats perhaps one of only a few faults I could gather from this book. You would think that being able to control electrical currents would show up a little earlier in your life. Maybe in the next book there will be an answer to this.

I didn’t like Maven from the beginning. My instincts where 100% correct (for the first time EVER) when it came to him and I’m glad the truth of him comes to light at the end. Cal however, is somewhat more difficult to deconstruct. He’s a grey one. He has good intentions and his ideal future mirrors that of Mare’s but he lacks the courage and proper methods to be able to see this through. His strength and intellect are admirable and I hope he will be useful to the Scarlet Guard. The romance between Cal and Mare at times moved too slow and then too fast, I am also hoping to see a more consistent progression of their feelings.

The whole feel of the book reminded me of The Hunger Games and I can say that I much preferred this. The setting, the war, the differences between the Reds and Silvers made more sense and even though it is similar in some aspects, The Hunger Games and the Red Queen are not equals. Red Queen trumps that bitch. Hard.

Here is a book that I cannot praise enough. I do not say that lightly. This now sits alongside some of my all time favourite books and I am already looking forward to getting my hands on the sequel. I’m eager to see where this all leads and whether or note the dawn will rise red.

“Flame and shadow. One cannot exist without the other.”


You can get it here

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