Alex, Approximately…

I decided to read ‘Alex, Approximately’ by Jenn Bennett because I needed a break after reading three fantasy style novels in quick succession and it seemed like it would lighten me up a little.

Bailey (Mink) is an East Coast film buff who regularly talks to Alex, a West Coast film buff. With the date of the film festival that Alex invited her to looming, Bailey moves out to California with the goal of scoping Alex out before telling him. Except Porter seems to stand in her way at every turn and before long, Bailey is confused about both boys.

Bailey is an absolute babe. Yeah she’s got a few issues and she’s self conscious of her scar, but what girl isn’t? And yes, a lot of this story could have been avoided if she’d been honest from the beginning but where would the fun in that be? Half the scenes in this book where funny because neither characters where putting two and two together. Speaking of other characters, Porter is hot. I mean, he’s got attitude but also a sensitive side and I really liked that he wasn’t afraid to say what he was thinking. He’s very bold but I guess after his heroism, you get a new outlook on life, eh?

I loved the setting of this book. I road tripped along California’s coast 2 years ago and those memories helped me get the vibe Bennett was going for. When the description for The Cavern Palace came up, it sounded to me, a lot like Hearst Castle. I know Hearst Castle is further south to where this book was set but the similarities were astounding and it made the story feel real to me.

Bennett’s writing was fresh, her style was perfect for the characters ages and it managed to capture being on the cusp of adulthood. Some of the themes in this book I would consider to be a little risque for younger readers, however it wasn’t too dark for those issues to over power the rest of the book. They managed to enhance what was already going on rather than drag it down. I can imagine that getting that blend right was a little difficult at first and so I salute you, Bennett.

‘Alex, Approximately’ was hella fun. Did I see the ending coming from the second chapter? Of course, but it was extremely witty, smile inducing and most of all fucking hilarious at times. This is easily one of those sun drenched, ‘make you feel good’ books and it ticked all my summer boxes.

“I have no idea what you mean, but I support you completely.” 


You can get it here

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