‘Geekerella’ by Ashley Poston was everything I needed this book to be. It was a cute, modern GEEKY retelling of the famous Cinderella fairytale. Enjoying the similarities to the original story.

If somehow you are unfamiliar with the Cinderella story (where the fuck have you been?) it’s about a girl who lives with her evil stepmother and equally evil stepsisters. She wants to go to an event (classically a Ball, in this case it is ExcelsiCon) so she saves up money, makes her own outfit etc etc. Our girl goes to said event, meets Prince Charming but faces dire consequences upon her return for multiple reasons. I absolutely loved it and couldn’t put it down! Even though I ultimately knew certain steps of the story – and of course the ending – there were still a few surprises along the way that made this retelling alive.

As it is set in modern times, you have the involvement of texting and blogging, not to mention ridiculous vegan foods. I found the texting part quite relevant as I was in a similar position as our couple. I met one of my ex’s online and we spoke through text for a whole year before meeting each other. So I really connected with the characters on that perspective and I understood the arguments that were made against such a relationship. I liked their conversations too, they were honest and true to themselves without having to lie.

Elle was a character I enjoyed getting to know. She kept what mattered to her close to her heart and made a name for herself in the process. Her passion for Starfield is what set her on her path to freedom and that’s inspiring especially when you consider the obstacles in her way that are her so called family. Darien is a cutie, pure geekiness in a Greek God’s body, I mean, what’s not to like? That’s the special thing about dating someone online (not in ALL cases may I add), you fall for their personality and not their appearance. A cute lesson in love here – personality, passions, and ideals are what are most important, anything else is a pure bonus. This little nugget of gold is what separates this story to the original. This story is better and not in any shape or form, superficial.

However, I really enjoyed the small similarities which I saw as a nod of the head to the famous fairy tale. Such as the Magic Pumpkin. I mean, adorable! Also the glass shoes. More adorbs. There was her colleague of the Magic Pumpkin who I saw as a stand in for the fairy Godmother. There was also an actual Ball at the end which I also enjoyed.

I relished this book. After going to my first Comic Con only two months ago, I understood and saw everything described. I’m going to two more this year and this book got me so pumped for it. I also wish that I could meet my Prince Charming there. We’ll see.


You can get it here

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