Daughter of the Burning City…

‘Daughter of the Burning City’ by Amanda Foody was a highly anticipated book for me. I felt like I needed it in my life.

Sorina is an illusionist in a travelling carnival of sin and debauchery in a land too religious for it’s own good. She is the future proprietor but that means nothing to the killer wandering the carnival who murders her family members. During her studies to learn all that she can to one day take ownership of Gomorrah, Sorina is looking for the reckless killer and trying to keep her remaining family safe.

Gomorrah sounds like the most epic carnival. I think I would sell my soul to visit this place. It was described so well that I could whole heartedly imagine the scents and sights. Some of the tents are full of intrigue and magic, the notable landmarks are covered in history and the taste of danger would make the experience very thrilling.

Apart from maybe the not feeling beautiful aspect of Sorina’s character, there was nothing I could relate to. I felt she was very wishy-washy and not emotional enough? I mean 3 of her illusions died and yet even though they had funerals, I got the impression that she moved on very quickly. There was the odd comment here and there about how she needed revenge or something but I just didn’t fully believe that she was grieving. I also hated that she swung from one theory to the next totally incapable of making up her own mind.

I liked Luca, I could imagine him in Gomorrah and I would probably tell him all my secrets too. He’s clever, sorta stand-offish and has a great sense of style. I think all these qualities are the ones that Sorina lacks which would explain why she fell for him so quickly.

The book was written well. Sometimes I felt the dialogue a bit stinted in places but this is a debut so I suspect Foody will progress her skills with future novels. I wish that the mechanics of the carnival’s travelling was revealed. I also wish that there was more lore behind each city and it’s relationship with Gomorrah. I felt like huge aspects of the plot could have been developed further if more history had been told. I think the politics of it all would have been more believable then too.

I’ve definitely never read a book quite like this one. Despite my dislike of Sorina, I was pleased that she was dubbed a ‘freak’. Finally, the main character in a Young Adult book isn’t aesthetically beautiful. I loved the murder/mystery aspect of this book. It really kept me on my toes and I won’t lie, I genuinely couldn’t figure out who the killer was. Major shock at the end for me which made the whole read an enjoyable one.

“A mystery. That’s how everyone describes me – I have no eyes, and yet I see. The Girl Who Sees Without Eyes”


I received this book in FairyLoot’s July Tricksters box.

You can get it here

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