The Raven Boys…

‘The Raven Boys’ by Maggie Stiefvater – there’s a lot of hype about this series and I wanted in.

Blue is a non-psychic in a family full of them and due to this she has a sense of loneliness – of wanting to fit in somewhere. She’s always been told that when she kisses her true love, he will die *cough* Gansey *cough*. She meets the Raven Boys – Gansey, Ronan, Adam and Noah – through unusual circumstances (perhaps coincidence?) and they help with Gansey’s quest to find Glendower (a Welsh king who is sleeping somewhere on the ley line).

The book is a really interesting concept. I knew a little about ley lines before the book and was delighted/surprised to see it. There’s so much mystery and magic around them in real life that the story has a touch of realism to it. The ravens – OMG they were my favourite bird before this but now my love knows no bounds! The town of Henrietta is a place I would like to visit as well as Cabeswater who is basically a character. I wish I knew more about Cabeswater though; I feel like the place wasn’t fully explained to the reader but then perhaps this was purposely done so that you’re in the dark as much as the other characters. Who knows? Perhaps it’s all explained in a later book.

The Raven Boys are pure individuality. They have an aura about them and you can see why Blue is attracted to this. They have their own issues and yeah sometimes they’re mean to each other but they’re a family. We know that Gansey is Blue’s true love, which means I shipped them HARD and so I got a little pissy when I read Adam and Blue holding hands etc. At first I was like, why? Why try to make them out be something when they clearly are NOT. But after I finished the book, I got it. At least I think so. I figured it was to show the change in Adam at the end after he’s sacrificed himself. To show the different person he’s become and how wildly different he is Gansey.

I found the POV chapters a pleasantry. I think it added another dimension to the characters and gave them more depth – I was able connect with them more. I think it helped the pace of the story as well. If there’s a new character to read from in each chapter, the story doesn’t become stale and there are no lag points either. I hope the rest of the series carries on in this way.

In all, this was original, and fresh, and I need more in my life. I want a Chainsaw!


You can get it here

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