I couldn’t wait to start reading ‘Roar’ by Cora Carmack when I first got it! It was pure torture having to wait until I finished my current read at the time before I could sink my teeth into this (I do not have the skill of reading more than one book at a time unfortunately, cry for me my babies!).

Throughout this book, there were 4 sides to Roar. Aurora is the Princess and Stormling heir. Rora is the girl who must hide the fact she has no powers by any means necessary. Roar is the adventurer who promises to learn about storms and the magic world that was kept from her so she can return to her kingdom and rule without fear. And then there is the woman who could live a life with Locke –  who makes her feel normal and special. I love Roar, I love her enthusiasm for learning (which has made her a knowledgeable character) and I love her determination. Locke throws all sorts of training at her and she takes it all in her stride. Roar is a pure role model. She teaches the reader to keep going, to learn what you can and to take care of yourself.

Locke. What can I say… he’s dreamy! His confidence in his own abilities, his admiration for Roar whilst she trains and his caring heart are just a few things about this character that make me swoon. He’s had a tough struggle to get where he is when he meets Roar but I think that only helps him in understanding her. Their romance starts off as a bit of love/hate but as it always does, it blossoms into something entirely deep. Carmack must have thought long and hard about how to write their interactions because I could not find one fault in any of their scenes.

Speaking of faults, there was one part to the book that I didn’t grasp. The guy who creates storms – why did it take so long to introduce him? And when he was introduced, I had no clue what was going on. I wonder if this was done on purpose so that the story had no predictability but I would have preferred there to have been some sort of mention of this danger much earlier on. I personally don’t mind if I can guess the ending of a book or make connections whilst reading as that’s what I find fun, so to not have this, put me off kilter a little.

Lets talk about the ending. I HATE cliffhangers! Why do this?! Honestly, why make your audience read through such an epic story with edge of your seat action and heart skipping love scenes only for it all to stop dead when they get to their destination? It’s like a slap in the face. Having said that though, I will be reading the sequel because, HELLO! I’m dying to find out what happens next!

I received this book in FairyLoot’s June ‘Elementalists’ box.


You can get it here

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