Queen of Shadows…

‘Queen of Shadows’ by Sarah J Maas. How do I describe this one? EPIC. Is that good enough for you all, can I leave the review there? No?

This had everything you need for a good story in it. There was plenty of death, fear, excitement, adventure, loyalty, friendship and love. Oh, and grand unveiling of plans, usually after they’ve been carried out!

Aelin has returned to Adarlan to find that a lot has changed for the worse. Chaol is still knocking about but in the streets rather than with Dorian and she finds out her cousin has a date with the gallows. Figuring out how to get him out takes careful planning and much sneaking around. Also, we see more of Rowan – enter love heart here – who helps the team. Old enemies become friends and others just die. The threat of the Valg is very much a constant issue, it’s a dark cloud that only seems to be getting bigger especially where Dorian is concerned.

In this story, you can really start to see Aelin come into her own. You can see the queenly potential she has despite being more of a warrior. Her sense of justice and sympathy is an appealing factor, combined with her strength and drive means she’s a formidable opponent to her foes. Her court are pretty good on their own too; each has an ability/strength that makes them unique. It seems her court will be a well rounded group.

The pacing of the story was correct in my opinion. Well, I devoured this book rather quickly but the speed of the story was slow when it needed to be and action fast when the time called. Aedion’s escape was pure beauty. The flow of words to create such an epic and dramatic rescue was awesome. Apart from all the scenes where Aelin and Rowan are alone, that rescue scene was my favourite.

The book is the longest yet but I didn’t want it to end at all! Looking forward to reading Empire of Storms although I might drag it out a bit as I know its the last one for a while. Waaaaaaaaaaa *crying face*.


You can get it here

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