Heir of Fire…

‘Heir of Fire‘ by Sarah J Maas is everything I didn’t know I needed. Who else wants a Rowan? Oh, there’s a line? Dammit…

I love love loved this book. Wendlyn is a place I would like to visit I think. Especially as there are so many handsome Fae warriors about. Aelin is lost at the start of this book but it builds along with her sense of purpose and hope for the future especially with a certain buzzard at her side.

I couldn’t get enough of Aelin and Rowan. I couldn’t get enough of that wildfire. And I just couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. They’re equally matched and it made their training so much more entertaining. Not sure I could cope with sitting in the rain for hours on end doing nothing though. I liked that Rowan had flaws and it made their relationship better even though neither wanted to place a label on it, content for it just to be more.

I liked that even in Wendlyn, the threat of the Valg and of the keys was a constant source of trouble and evil. It made Aelin’s mission greater and I appreciated the reminder of what the King of Adarlan represented. It’s easy to get caught up in a love/hate relationship as they can be rather captivating so I’m glad the darkness was still a constant loom overhead, it kept the end goal in sight. Not just for Aelin, but also the reader.

I enjoyed meeting some new characters too. Manon anyone? She could definitely give Aelin a run for money. At first I wondered what her part would be in the grand scheme of things. If she’s a POV character it meant she was important and I assume she’ll end up helping Terrasens cause at some point in the future. There’s also the fact we met another ruler. Queen Maeve is something. Something I definitely do not like. I doubt it’s the last appearance she’ll make too. 

Overall, it was a fantastic read. Equal amounts of evil mirroring the goodness and hope. An awakening of gifts and hearts. The beginning and end of relationships. 


You can get it here

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