Eliza and her Monsters…

‘Eliza and her Monsters’ by Francesca Zappia was similar to Fangirl but SO MUCH BETTER.

Eliza is the creator of a famous webcomic and under her suedo name, LadyConstelation, she is famous herself. A new guy at her school is a fan and starts to bring her out of her shell until it all goes to shit when her identity is unveiled.

What I really liked about this book, is that it tackles issues that many of us face everyday. Anxiety, depression and panic attacks to name a few. Never mind the fact that living in an online world is much easier than interacting with people face to face and that in itself has its obstacles. In an era when the majority of the population are online, this book has real relevancy. It’s okay not to be okay sometimes, as long as you’re okay with that.

The layout of the story was really fun too. I liked the mix of comic strips, drawings, texts, forums etc. It gave the story an edge (not that it needed it) and made it memorable. I compared it to Fangirl earlier and this book trumps it hands down. The comic strips and added extras were tied to the story in a fuller and more inclusive way than with Fangirl. These extras actually help move the story along and the time line of them don’t jump around. Plus I also think the originality of these extras is what really helps tie them in.

Eliza is an extremely relatable character with her online social life and the ‘hobby’ that her parents don’t quite understand. She came across as very mature for her age and that helped me connect to her more than past characters. Wallace had his own issues and even though he could talk about his eventually, I felt Eliza’s struggle more, perhaps for the fact she didn’t want to talk about it. Her inner demons are what make me love this book title. At first you think it will be about her comic monsters as there are many kinds in her world, but half way through the story you realise Eliza has actual monsters in her. She is her own comic in a way and I love that.

‘Eliza and her Monsters’ was a good, good, GOOD read and I laughed and I cried and it made me feel happy. That’s everything I want in a book.

I received this in Owlcrate’s May ‘Comic Explosion’ box.


Let me know your thoughts on this please!

You can get it here

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