The Upside of Unrequited…

I really liked ‘The Upside of Unrequited’ by Becky Albertalli. I did that awful judge a book by its cover thing for a while and then decided to just dive in, and no joke, the first sentence made the whole book.

Molly is self conscious, she has left 26 crushes in her wake and she has made a promise to herself to be more un-careful. As it stands, I don’t think the blurb sells this book like it should. If I could, I would make every teenager read this. In today’s world, so many of us have anxiety and feel crippled by their worries of other peoples thoughts. This book talks about it without really mentioning it. I love that. I love that it’s written in such an honest and even flirty way. I loved the flirting in this book, it was so damn cute.

That first page captured me like no book has ever done before. I put that solely down to its quirkiness. And the book was quirky personified and a bit scatty. Sometimes I couldn’t keep up with it and then I realised that my head was like that as a teenager. I genuinely thought Albertalli had a direct line into my head at several points in the story especially concerning Molly’s body consciousness; which is relatable, as is her crush list. And I loved Reid.

I liked Will too but I didn’t ship it, even from the beginning. I don’t know how to feel about Cassie but I’m glad everything ended up the way it did. I’m a sucker for a happy ending, especially such a modern one such as this. I feel like the author is really in touch with everything that is today.

Either Albertalli is really in touch with kids these days or she did a hella lot of research. No matter which, her writing comes across natural and even though a lot of the Jewish terminology went over my head, I understood it all.

I received this book in Owlcrate’s April ‘Head Over Heels’ box.


Let me know your thoughts on this one!

You can get it here

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