A Court of Wings and Ruin…

A Court of Wings and Ruin’ by Sarah J Maas is all feels. That is the only was I can describe it. I dare anyone to read it and not turn the last page whist loosing a very long breath.

It’s not the end of the Prythian tales but I’m told it is the end of Feyre’s story. It’s the war book out of the trilogy; which means it’s bloody, and filthy, and sometimes scary. If only for the fact it begs you to answer the question of what you would in Feyre’s position. It connects the previous two books, tying up loose plots lines and giving answers to pending questions whilst also leaving a few things hanging. I loved this book don’t get me wrong but there were things that I didn’t feel were done. The ending of the war fitted well with the story but you don’t get to see much of the beloved characters after it.

At the end of any war filled book, the most delight I get is when I know the characters are healing well and coming to terms with the aftermath of their choices. I like to see them planning for the future and getting a happy ending. ‘A Court of Wings and Ruin’ gives them an ending of course and you can tell the characters will be busy for months/years after the war to ensure peace is met but I wanted desperately to see just a little bit of it to soothe all the emotions I brushed up against whilst reading.

Feyre and Rhys are so beautiful together that I feel ashamed at the fact I shipped her and Tamlin at the beginning. But he’s alright in the end. I think I would like to see Tamlin mated one day; if he allied with Hybern to get Feyre back, imagine what he would do for his rightful mate. That would surely be a good tale for Maas to tell. The Court of Dreams are plagued with never ending drama in this book and I reveled in every second of it. The school girl fully coming out and giggling at every page.

Meeting the other High Lords was a gift. Their personalities are so varied different to each other that I couldn’t help but be enraptured. I would have liked to have seen more of Tarquin, would have liked Feyre to charm him again but alas this book was a bloody one, not much space for meaningless flirtations. The secret spilling in this book was also wonderful. Anyone else love Mor? Also, who else is shipping Elain and Azriel?

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book and read it quicker than most and I think that I shouldn’t do that again. I need to savour the words that are written and I need to let those insufferable emotions wash through me. Despite my hollow feeling after reading this book (hollow either because I wanted more or because I know the story is finished), I loved it to no end and will recommend this series for many years.


You can get it here

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