Shadow and Bone and more…

I expected something completely different to what I got with ‘Shadow and Bone’ by Leigh Bardugo.

The world was a surprise and unlike anything I had read before which meant it really captured my interest. I found the Grisha interesting with their ‘talents’ but I liked how they were still basically human, bitchiness and all. I enjoyed the training aspect of it too. I found Alina to be very likeable character and even though her naivety was a small annoyance, I was rooting for her. The world building in this book was detailed and set the tone for the book as a whole. There wasn’t a stone out of place of Bardugo’s vision and it came across. She’s very talented, perhaps even a Grisha of words.

I couldn’t find a fault with this story. It was well executed and my heart beat fast at all the correct moments. I have mixed feelings when it comes to the Darkling and I genuinely believe that was the authors intention. Sure he’s batshit crazy, but I could’ve sworn he was lucid a fair few times in Alina’s company and that I admit, that I shipped them. Of course Mal is better for her but I ship Alina and the Darkling. My romantic heart believing that she can save his soul from pure madness and evil.

And because I hope for that, I want to read the sequel. Any story’s mission is to grab the attention of its reader enough to read to the end, and I know this book is not the end. I am glad I have ‘Siege and Storm’ to look forward to as I am not yet ready to leave the Darkling in his minds abyss. I have a feeling though that Mal with change the ships tides.


You can get it here


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