Crown of Midnight…

I gobbled up ‘Crown of Midnight’ by Sarah J Mass like I was starved. Eight hours of reading time clocked and I still want more (I’ve now ordered the entire series plus the colouring book). I need more.

I’d seen many playful interactions that fans have created with the characters in this book  on bookstagram and always wondered why I never saw Celaena’s name in them. I suspected the cause for this and I’m glad to say that at the end of this book it was all revealed (I gave myself a pat on the back for getting it right too). I wouldn’t say it was predictable, but there were enough clues in the storyline to piece it all together. Plus there were loads of things I didn’t see coming (Chaol, heartbreak, anyone?)

It’s safe to say that Celaena lives a dangerous life and in turn is a very dangerous character herself. If she was formidable before this book, her potential for more is unleashed in this one, albeit briefly. The overall threat to Erilea becomes a pulse and urges the characters to take risks, some work out and others, well, don’t.

I’m pleased to say the characters all developed. A load of secrets were revealed and yet more tease readers. I feel our three main characters have come a long way since the beginning. Celaena is fighting her past at the same time as trying to fulfil her purpose from Elena. Dorian is struggling to keep a lid on a secret that could not only ruin him as Crown Prince but also cost him his life. Chaol is torn, grappling with his loyalty compass.

The pacing was slow but fast enough to make me keep reading. There was a bit just before Part 2 where it started to slump but it picked up with an incredible force. The ending is a tad abrupt but I think thats to keep you wanting more. High five to Maas for doing a superb job there! I loved all the bloody scenes too. I may have an underlying mental issue but I couldn’t get enough of those action sequences, they’re beautifully written and I kept up with it all, seeing the blood sprays as if they happened in front of me.

Got any thoughts about the above or just wan a conversation about the book? Comment below!


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