Time between us…

When I read the description for ‘Time Between Us’ by Tamara Ireland Stone, I couldn’t help but immediately compare it to ‘The Time Travellers Wife’. And I think that’s possibly the worst thing I could’ve done. Mostly because the time travel aspect of it, is the only thing the two books really have in common.

Anna is a track star at high school and whilst she’s out training, she sees Bennett who becomes a mystery for her to solve. Bennett keeps secrets and Anna is drawn to this, so much so, that they become involved and the course of both their lives change due to Bennett’s ability to travel through time.

Bennett’s power allows him to travel anywhere in the world, which when you think about it, is awesome. Each time he jumped somewhere new, I would think about where I would go. His back story due to this power gave him incredible insight to the dangers of his ability and it gave him an air of maturity that Anna lacked.

The characters had depth, you can’t ignore that about them and they seemed well thought out. However, the relationship between Anna and Bennett came across to me a bit too full on, too quickly. I understand that Bennett’s mystery is appealing to Anna but she’d only met him once before she fell head over heels in love with him. That just doesn’t happen. At least not in my experience (if that says something about me, keep your mouths shut…). It wasn’t just Anna that did this though, Bennett was guilty of it too and it made me wonder if Stone had any actual experience with falling in love. I could maybe believe one person falling that quickly, but both of them? Not realistic.

I think, because of this, it made the whole story feel slightly off. If I’m judging the characters feelings and actions constantly, then I can’t immerse myself in the book itself. So I came away from this pretty disappointed. Perhaps it’s due to my age; if I was younger and more naive, I’d have enjoyed it more.

If you’ve read it, let me know if you agree with me.


You can get it here


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