Throne of Glass…

‘Throne of Glass’ was the first book I read from Sarah J. Maas and it was lusciously dark. There was great originality in it and despite the blanket of gloom that hung with me throughout this story, it was a quick read because I couldn’t get enough.

It tells of a young assassin, Celaena, in a prison camp who is given the opportunity of freedom if she wins a bloody tournament to become the crown’s personal assassin. The very crown she was against, hence the camp. There’s magic involved too! Celaena is hot, she’s got the looks, the badass vibe going on and she’s strong, lethal and smart to boot. Basically she’s the version of yourself you want to be. Correct me if I’m wrong!

I don’t usually enjoy love triangles because I tend to root for the losing team all too often. Give me Chaol! However, Dorian is a sweetie-pie and I can’t deny him happiness. Thankfully, the love interests didn’t interfere too much with the overall story. Which I found to be very captivating. I love a good tournament (it reminded me a little of The Hunger Games, especially the friendships and enemies) and this one did not disappoint me. The last trial was epic and I re-read it twice to make sure I got the full impact of it.

The pace of the book was a tad lacking but the multiple side plots kept it interesting and urged me to keep going. The friendships Celaena acquires are small but important and what she learns from her experiences, paves the way for a series of books (which I can’t wait to sink my teeth into!).

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You can get it here

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