Courting thorns and roses…

I’d read a ‘Throne of Glass’ before this but I’ve decided I like Sarah J. Maas’ style, it’s somewhat formal and matches my inner dialog on a surprising level. This meant that it was easy for me to read ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ and I finished it sooner than I would’ve liked. Even though the book could’ve been a stand alone with its ending, I’m glad I have sequels to look forward to. A certain someone may already be in her local Waterstones buying it.

I’ve read many a story about the Fae and this one, even with its similarities to other books, still felt fresh to me. The sheer variety of species that Maas has introduced me to is fascinating as are the ones she hasn’t mentioned at all. She’s managed to capture my thoughts on what other species there are in Prythian, and the authors that can do that to you are a small number indeed.

Not only were the Fae captivating but I found myself relating to Feyre, more so with every page I turned (not because I’ve been taken prisoner by a handsome Fae Lord, unfortunately) but because she cared. Perhaps at the beginning she was full of hate but towards the end she’s changed, even with a heavy heart, it’s for the better. With so much hate in the world at the moment I’d like to think that we can all change. We all need love.

I have to admit that I stumbled upon a few spoilers before I read this book. Which meant that when a certain Fae made themselves known, I knew it wasn’t going to end the way the book wants you to think. Despite the spoilers, I saw the resemblance to Beauty and the Beast via the curse and my child’s heart couldn’t help but carve a place for Tamlin.

The flow of the book was just right in my opinion, any faster or slower and I might not have loved it as much. I don’t think it would have worked as well with the characters either. The speed of the book complemented them and made their story believable regardless of the genre. Some places hinted at predictability but the curse had many twists and secrets to unfold which was a beautiful surprise to me.

I loved this book. Let me know if you do too! I need to talk to someone about it.


You can buy it here


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