Let’s talk about a Break…

‘We Were on a Break’ by Lindsey Kelk is my first somewhat romantic read of the year. The description for the book was more honest than I thought it would be.

Without giving too much away, it’s about a couple that come home from holiday and immediately head for a break in the relationship, neither really knowing why to begin with and wondering if they should be together at all. Navigating their pause throughout the book was a journey in itself. It was beautifully written and relevant to the generation of today. There’s so much choice out there that it seems easy to move on without much thought as to whether you should.

The characters felt real to me. So real that I didn’t have to imagine them in my head, for most of the book I knew someone in my life that managed to reflect the character, that’s how well Kelk wrote them. The characters didn’t feel forced at all and I half wonder if they’re real people just slightly sugar-coated so that the story floated along with them nicely.

Reading this ‘review’ isn’t doing the book justice and you’ll just have to take my word for it. The story won’t change your life immediately, if at all, but it might change the way you look at your partner the next time you have a blazing row. Don’t wonder what it would be like with someone else, if there even IS someone else for you.


Just read it, okay. It’s really funny, its refreshing and it’s life-like. Let me know your thoughts and opinions.

You can order it here 🙂


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