Girl Online and Off…

‘Girl Online’ isn’t the first time I’ve heard of Zoe Sugg. I’ve known about her vlogging career for a while but never actually watched any of her videos. A bit like you know a new film is coming out but you haven’t seen the trailer or posters for it. I picked the book up on a whim. I wanted to feel nostalgic about my younger years (which I happily admit, weren’t that long ago).

However, I have to admit that it’s not what I expected. It’s not at all what I’m used to and I felt really old reading it. I’ve only read the first 3 chapters and I’m honestly wondering if I can stomach the rest. Too much angst over meaningless shit in my opinion.

Perhaps I’ll try again later in the year or maybe I won’t. Who knows. DNF.

You can get it here


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